Get Funded To Professionally Day Trade Stocks For Yourself, But Not By Yourself

The easiest way today for any profitable professional stocks trader to start remotely trading and managing a $500,000 to $20,000,000+ real-money buying account. With stress-free back office, risk management and trading tech support.

Potentially Earn Millions Trading Futures For Our Proprietary Trading Firm, Without Having To Qualify*

TradeFundrr developed a unique 3-step process to find and fund the world’s best professional and pro-ready Stocks traders.

  • Access to daily Stock Pro Group pre-market prep and post market meetings. As well as the live Virtual Prop trading floor
  • Professional risk management support to help protect your capital.
  • Stress-free back-office support and advanced trading tech to help you potentially become our next $250,000 to $1,000,000+ plus a year earner.

Pro Stocks Funding Process

(Trade U.S. Cash + Night Sessions)

  • Step 1: (Your Application Of Interest)
    If your application impresses, within 48 hours, we’ll invite you to Step 2.
  • Step 2: (The Private Discovery Call)
    We’ll discuss your unique trading style, income goals, and the professional real-money buying power and payouts you’ll need to help make it happen—your way.
  • Step 3: (Clear A Regulatory And Criminal Background Check)
    Wire your modest initial capital contribution and start trading your $500K to $20M+ real-money buying power account with the professional risk management, back office support, and trading tech you need to become our next $250K to $1M+ a year earner.

You should definitely apply, if:

You want a far less risky way to boost your buying power and manage risk. While professionally trading Options your way.

You have a battle-tested trading strategy you want to scale. So you stop missing out on big profit opportunities. And start building wealth.

You will not let yourself settle for earning anything less than a minimum of $250,000+ a year from trading Options.

How Being A Member Of Our Prop Trading Firm Works

Unlike our Stock Retail Trader Funding path, you do not need to prove your trading skills.

You already know you can profitably trade with your own money. You’ve just been looking for a way to scale your results with far less risk with professional support and trading tech to achieve the $250,000 to $1,000,000+/year income you deserve and desire.

To trade with a prop firm, a trader makes an initial trading capital contribution. That contribution is used to cover potential losses in the prop trading account. The remaining balance remains available to withdraw. The initial contribution is used to calculate available buying power.

Your Trading Capital ContributionReal Money Buying Power We ProvideMax DrawdownYour Profit Share

Notes & Considerations:

  • Buying Power (BP) intraday may differ from the holding of overnight positions. Figures in this column reflect maximum intraday Buying power, subject to review and revision.
  • Buying power (BP) reflects full cash value of an exercised or assigned option into equity or full notional value of contract.
  • A trader’s initial capital contribution will be used to cover losses. Any remaining balance is available to withdraw. Subject to management discretion including, but not limited to, consideration of risk mitigation and open positions.
  • All numbers are subject to review and revision among other risk parameters we will agree upon in the onboarding process.

Could An Additional $500,000 To $20,000,000+ In Real-Money Buying Power Make An Immediate Difference For You?

If so, then go ahead and tell us about you and the professional trader funding you’re looking for:

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