We’re on a mission to give $1Billion to qualified traders by 2030. So we can both share the millions in profits rewarded to the best traders in the world.

Our even more audacious goal? Develop and provide funding for one hundred $1,000,000 a year earners by Jan 1, 2030. Is this you?

Even more audaciously, we want to find, fund, and foster one hundred $1,000,000+ a year earners by 2030. Is this you?

As documented in our Trade Funding Manifesto, the old way of trader funding is flawed. Fortunately, Christian Bose and Sean Hendelman, both CEOs in the trading industry, recognized that they could achieve more together than individually. To meet U.S. trade funding regulations for Futures, Options, and Equities, Tradefundrr is comprised of multiple companies.

Christian Bose and his team run all aspects of qualifying for funding with TradeFundrr. After you’ve received a scalable funding offer, Sean Hendelman and his team at T3 Global Group, LLC, handle all aspects of funding and compliance.

We provide the most equitable and versatile trader qualification, funding, and training experience, catering to retail and professional traders across all proficiency levels.

Here’s How We Work Together To Fund Retail And Professional Traders

Trader Recruiting
Funding Qualification
Scalable Funding Offers

  • TradeFundrr aims to guarantee absolute transparency throughout every phase of your qualification journey. This encompasses establishing equitable, clear, and adaptable qualification procedures and offering a funding dashboard. We cater to retail traders seeking qualification for stocks, futures, or options trading and also cover the application and qualification process for professional funding candidates.
  • When you qualify for funding, you get alerted in your TradeFundrr funding dashboard.
  • Your account is paused until you meet via a live Zoom or in-person meeting with the funding department of T3 to receive your scalable funding offer.

Real-Money Funding

Pro Trader Education
Pro Trader Compliance

  • Once any retail trader qualifies for funding, T3 Global Group LLC will make you a scalable funding offer based on our retail scaling plan. After pro traders have had a discovery call, we will likely make an offer based on our pro trader scaling plan, but we could potentially give you more.
  • Upon your acceptance of the scalable funding offer as a retail or professional trader, T3 takes charge of all the necessary legal and trader certification procedures. This ensures your official incorporation as a company member per the relevant regulations for professional traders, eliminating the need to obtain a separate professional license.

Striving to provide substantial financial leverage, we aim to fund eligible retail traders with over $10 million in real buying power and professional traders with up to $20 million.

Ready to get started?

At the core of our values, we embrace 100% transparency in every aspect of our operations. This includes providing full disclosure of your funding company and a clear explanation of our funding process.

Futures Trader Funding

You can day trade or scalp any Futures market of your choice using the NinjaTrader Platform. This platform allows you to execute trades directly from your charts.

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Options Trader Funding

You can engage in day, scalp, and swing trading using any options strategy you prefer (except covered calls). You can apply these strategies to any listed options on the NYSE, NASDAQ, or AMEX exchanges (certain restrictions apply). Use the Sterling Trader Pro platform provided with your TradeFundrr plan to execute your trades.

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Stock Trader Funding

You can engage in day, scalp, and swing trading of any stock listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, or AMEX exchanges. This includes stocks from various sectors, such as biotech, penny stocks, and ETFs.  Use the Sterling Trader Pro platform provided with your TradeFundrr plan to execute your trades.

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