How do my profits get taxed?

All traders are independent contractors.  As such, you must keep your address updated with us to receive your 1099 by January 31st.  All U.S. citizens and/or entities must complete a W9 tax form.

Non-US citizens will complete a W8 form, and no other tax reports will be sent.

Please contact your accountant or tax advisor for specific tax advice or questions.

What is the profit split?

The profit split is 80/20 from day one once you have entered the pre-prop account and successfully satisfied all the qualifications for funding. 

Payouts up to $100,000 in profits earned during the qualification are paid out immediately upon successful qualification.

Do I need to contribute personal capital like the Pro Trader Funding Path?


We view the retail trader path as an investment in finding and funding the next trading star. 

As described in our initial scaling plan, you will be given real money-buying power.  Once you have proven yourself, you can continue to climb the scaling plan ladder to as much as $10 million in buying power.

Does the legal relationship between change once funded?

Once you qualify for funding (in Step 2 of our Retail Trader Funding Path), we’ll make you a scalable funding offer to become a member of our professional proprietary trading firm.

Starting with one of the apprentice-level real-money buying power accounts. And then automatically advancing you to the next level of trading capital as you achieve the agreed-upon profit and performance levels below. As well as other trading and risk rules per your unique strategies we’ll detail in writing.