Frequently Asked Questions

Which platform will I be using for Options or Stocks trading?

IMPORTANT FIRST STEP: Complete Your Data Subscription Agreements (One-Time Process)

Before you are able to receive live market data in your trading platform, you NEED TO COMPLETE the data subscription agreements with the Exchanges. After filling out the agreements it can take up to 24 hours for the live data to show up in your account. If you will sign the agreement on a weekend, your live data should be enabled by Tuesday the following week.

All live data costs for all exchanges are included in your TradeFundrr RetailTradrr subscription, there will not be any extra charges! However, if you declare yourself as a “Professional” in the data agreement signing process, there will be extra changes. So please make sure to choose “NON-Professional” on all selections if you are a non-professional (95% of users are NON-Professional).

Complete Your Data Subscription Agreement NOW using this link: using your trading platform credentials below.

Step by step video walkthrough on how to complete Data Subscription Agreement.

When you purchase an Options or a Stocks SIM trading account, you will receive an email with subject line “Your TradeFundrr Account Credentials”. In it, your credentials to use across all platforms listed below.

Your Trading Platform Choices

TradeFundrr Web Trader

Web Trading Application that can be used in any browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox,..) on Windows and Mac computers. Perfect for traders that want charting and order execution in one simple and powerful application without the need to install any software on their computer. Most traders using the TradeFundrr Web Trader are lower frequency traders with an average of 50 round-turns trades per week.

Platform Limitations: NO pre cash market charting (Only pre-market quotes are available). Start using the TradeFundrr Web Trader:

TradeFundrr Mobile Trader

Mobile Trading Application that can be used directly on your Phone or Tablet. Perfect for checking your open positions on the go or executing new trades. Platform Limitations: Only basics charting and analysis capabilities.

Start using TradeFundrr mobile Trader on:

Sterling Trader Pro

Sterling Trader Pro is a Desktop application for Windows computers. It is the most widely used professional trading platform in the industry for trading equities and options. Built for speed, stability, and fast executions. Perfect for active traders that value advanced charting, sophisticated real-time scanning tools, configurable market data watch lists and much more…

Start using Sterling Trader Pro by downloading the Windows Desktop Installer:

Note:  These are subject to changes and revisions without prior notice.