Frequently Asked Questions

Economic Releases

Proper risk management is of the utmost importance when trading.  With that said, TradeFundrr has identified certain economic releases which require all traders to be flat for one minute before and one minute after the release.

The chart below is an example of the Futures Retail Tradrr and the Retail Tradrr Plus evaluation only.  Stocks and Options traders are not required to be flat during economic releases.


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Note: Micro Contracts also apply to the table above 

The reason for this rule is to mitigate the risk surrounding market-moving releases.   Listed below are the economic releases and instruments affected by those releases.  Here is an example of the dashboard reflecting the reports for the trading day. 

Additionally, on days when there are abbreviated or modified trading hours, these times are subject to change without prior notice.  It is the responsibility of the trader to be aware of these releases and the times when they occur.