Frequently Asked Questions

Consistency Rule

To determine a trader’s ability to be consistently profitable, the trader will need to show that not only can they make consistent profits, but the trader also needs to show the ability to manage risk.

Simply put, TradeFundrr wants to avoid seeing you hit the target objective in a single trade and then scalp the remaining time during your qualification period.

To demonstrate to TradeFundrr your ability to be profitable and to manage risk, you must have the number of trading days averaging at or above 50% of your best trading day.


Best Trading Day (net profit) = $5,000 (50% = $2,500 consistency target)

2nd Best trading day (net profit) = $3,500

3rd Best Trading Day (net profit) = $3,000

4th Best Trading Day (net profit) = $2,900

5th Best Trading Day (net profit) = $2,100

6th Best Trading Day (net profit) = $1,500

Total of the second to the sixth best trading days (net profit) = $13,000

Total trading days $13,000 = $2,600 average per day, which is now greater than $2,500 consistency target.

Here is an example of the consistency tracker in the TradeFundrr Dashboard.