Configuring R-Trader Pro for TradeFundrr

R-Trader Pro can be downloaded at the following URL:  Rithmic Download page

R-Trader can be used to monitor the trailing drawdown.

It can also be used as a trading platform on its own. –

On the download page click “R-Trader Pro” to download :


Remember to use the Rithmic ID you received in your welcome email from TradeFundrr. In the R-Trader Pro login screen configure it as below :


User ID : The Rithmic ID from your TradeFundrr welcome email

Password : The Rithmic password from your TradeFundrr welcome email

System : Select “TradeFundrr” in the dropdown list

Gateway : Select “Chicago”

Make sure “Orders” is ON, “Selective Load” is OFF, “Market Data” is ON, and “Allow Plug-ins” is OFF.

If you click “Remember me” R-Trader will remember the username and password the next time you start up the application.