Configuring NinjaTrader 8 for TradeFundrr

Downloading NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader can be downloaded at the following URL:   Download NinjaTrader
If you already own an NT license you can use that, if not please use this key provided by TradeFundrr:


Enter the license key and disable global simulation

Go to the control center, then click Help -> License key. Enter the TradeFundrr license key if required ( if you don’t own an NT license ) :


In order to be able to place trades in your TradeFundrr account you need to make sure Global Simulation is turned off. Go to Control Center ->  Tools -> Click Global Simulation if there is a checkmark next to it.


After clicking it should look like this :


Configure Connection for TradeFundrr

Go to Control Center -> Connections -> Configure to add a new connection


Select Rithmic for NinjaTrader Brokerage then click “add” :

Rename the connection to your liking. Enter username + password and select “TradeFundrr” in the System list ( scroll down to the bottom ) :


Connection is now configured and will appear in the “Connections” list. To connect simply click on the connection :


The button in the bottom left corner of the Control Center will turn green when connected and if you have sounds enabled there will be a sound confirmation as well :


Selecting which account to place trades in ( Chart Trader )

If not already connected, please connect to your TradeFundrr account.

In your chart enable chart trader by clicking the icon in the top of the chart.


The chart trader will appear on the right side of your chart like so :


It will default to the local Sim101 account. Click the dropdown menu to pick which TradeFundrr account to trade. TRAIN is the practice account that you can reset for free. It has the same parameters as the evaluation account. Trades placed in TRAIN will show up on your dashboard.


Notice how the colors of the side panel change, this is to signal that you are no longer trading in a local sim account.

The PREPROP/ PERFORM accounts are your TradeFundrr evaluation accounts.