Can I track large Options volume on the platform?

Q: Can I track large options volume on the platform?

A: Yes, Sterling Trader Pro offers a Most Active Options scan which tracks large options volume across all listed contracts.

Q: What is the Most Active Options scan?

A: The Most Active Options scan is a feature provided by Sterling Trader Pro, our trading platform. It allows you to monitor and track options with significant trading volume, helping you identify potential opportunities and market trends.

Q: How does the Most Active Options scan work?

A: The scan continuously monitors the options market and identifies contracts with unusually high trading volume. It then presents this information in an easy-to-understand format, allowing you to analyze the most actively traded options.

Q: What can I do with the information from the Most Active Options scan?

A: By using this scan, you can gain insights into which options contracts are experiencing higher trading activity. This information can be useful for identifying popular trading targets, detecting potential market trends, or finding options with significant liquidity.

Q: How can I access the Most Active Options scan on Sterling Trader Pro?

A: To access the Most Active Options scan on Sterling Trader Pro, navigate to the platform’s scanning tools or search for the specific feature within the platform’s interface.

Tracking large options volume through the Most Active Options scan can be a valuable tool in your trading arsenal. It empowers you to stay informed about market dynamics and enhances your ability to make well-informed trading decisions. Start exploring this powerful feature on Sterling Trader Pro and take your options trading to the next level. Happy trading!