Christian started his professional trading life as a Derivatives trader for one of the world’s largest banks. With a passion for automated trading systems, he left the trading desk and co-founded Impetus Capital and Impetus Asset Management, an algorithmic hedge fund specializing in spotting short-term anomalies in several futures markets, using 100% automated trading.

Ever the entrepreneur with a desire to help retail traders, he founded, which he’s grown into the #1 NinjaTrader® developer and seller on the planet, with over 450 indicators, automated trading signals, and algo-bot strategies.

TradeFundrr is Christian’s proudest achievement yet. By bringing integrity and innovation to the trade funding industry. So all retail and pro futures, stocks, and options traders can get the real-money funding they desperately need to thrive in today’s markets.

Sean is Founder & Chief Executive Officer @ T3 Companies, which includes T3 Trading Group, LLC, T3 Live, LLC, T3 Technologies, LLC, T3 Global Group, LLC and T3 Professional, LLC (which are separate but affiliated entities). Sean oversees all operations and directs the vision of the companies.

T3 Companies strives to be a complete destination for traders who are looking to maximize their performance in today’s financial markets. The company aims to help traders become more profitable by providing elite training, premier technology and a highly professional, value-added environment. T3 is composed of a team of seasoned professional traders with experience in all different market cycles. Currently, T3 Trading Group is home to more than 400 proprietary traders.

For Sean, TradeFundrr is an opportunity to become the gold standard of global proprietary trading firms. With 100% transparent qualification rules, and life-changing amounts of real-money buying power that any trader, anywhere in the world can now access.