To Trade a


Options Trading Account With

90% Profit Share

Start Trading Options With Our Capital in 2 Easy Steps

Step 1: Prove you can Make Consistent Profits

Hit your profit target, and achieve consistency on 6 profitable trading days (any 6 days, no need to have 6 consecutive days) while staying within your risk rules.

  • Qualifying Profit Target: $30,000
  • Max Drawdown (for qualifying & funded trading): $6,000
  • Daily Loss Limit (for qualifying & funded trading): $2,500
  • Consistent Trading Days: 6 Days

Step 2: Earn Real Money From Your Options Trading (Without Risking Your Own)

Once you achieve the qualifying profit target, without violating any of these rules, you qualify to start earning real money payouts!
Withdraw your share of profits as soon as you achieve each payout level’s profit target and automatically advance to the next one.

Payout LevelProfit TargetProfit ShareWithdrawable
Profit Share
Payout Level 1$30,00090%$27,000
Payout Level 2$40,00090%$36,000
Payout Level 3$50,00090%$45,000
Payout Level 4$60,00090%$54,000
Payout Level 5 PRO UNLOCKED
Trade With Up To $10 Million
Real-Money Buying Power Account
Withdraw any time you want

What you get:

$100,000 Account
90% Profit Share

FREE 7-Day Full Trial

(After Trial Only $399/month)

Which Option Instruments Can I Trade?
You can trade options on over 10,000 NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ companies and Index Options like SPY, NDX, QQQ, etc.

What Options Strategies can I use?
You can use ANY option strategy you like! For example Butterfly Spreads, Covered Calls, Bull Call Spreads, Iron Condors, even 0-DTE,… You are limited only by your imagination.

Adjusting Account Size and Profit Split after Program Selection

Once you’ve chosen an account size and the profit split in a program, you cannot alter the profit split or the account size. However, you can switch to a different program by canceling and subscribing again. Keep in mind that all purchases are non-refundable.

Calculation of Maximum Drawdown and Daily Loss Limit for Options

Maximum drawdowns and daily loss limits factor in both realized and unrealized PNL. TradeFundrr calculates drawdowns by considering both, meaning losses from unrealized PNL impact your total drawdown. Holding unrealized PNL without action may exceed the drawdown limit, risking evaluation failure.

Can I carry my Options positions overnight?

Q: Can I carry positions overnight with TradeFundrr? A: For Options you can hold positions overnight.  Q: Are there any restrictions on carrying positions overnight? A: TradeFundrr allows you to hold positions overnight without specific restrictions for Options.

Can I Hold Positions Overnight?

In the futures asset class, overnight positions are not permitted; you must flatten your position by 3:15 p.m. CST. However, in Stock and Options, swing trading is allowed.

Can I Qualify for Funding if I am Outside the United States?

Yes, you can qualify for live funding if you live outside the United States. However, certain countries may be excluded without prior notice. If you have questions about your specific situation, you can email

Can I Use Automated Trading Systems to Qualify?

You can utilize automated trading systems for qualification and in the live trading payout levels. Nevertheless, your system will undergo a review to ensure compliance with industry guidelines.

How Fast Can I Qualify for Funding?

Qualification for funding is contingent upon meeting the consistency rules as outlined.

If I Need to Reset my Account am I Eligible to Return to the Funding Level?

Several successful traders found it necessary to reset their accounts before achieving trading consistency. Our program is designed to help you develop risk-management and profit-taking skills

Is There a Time Limit for Qualification?

There is no fixed time limit for qualification. You have the flexibility to take as much time as you require.

What Happens if I Break a Rule?

If a rule violation occurs during the qualification round, you have the option to reset your account and make another attempt at the qualification process

What platforms can I use to trade Options?

Q: What are the platforms I can use to trade Options at TradeFundrr?  A: Traders are allowed to use the TradeFundrr app, TradeFundrr Web Trader, and Sterling Trader Pro to trade Options.
Fees at the Funded Trader Level
Once you have successfully completed the evaluation process and reached the payout level, the fees remain consistent with those in the evaluation round. You will be charged the same monthly subscription fee, and the commission structure remains unchanged.
How Often Will I Be Paid?
You’ll receive payment upon successfully reaching the payout target and after your account review. Please note that all positions must be flattened in order to be eligible to receive a payout. Payment will be processed within 2 business days following a successful review.
If I Exceed my Profit Target am I Eligible to Receive all of the Additional Profit Above the Target?
Your payout aligns with the target for each payout level. Any excess beyond this level will not be disbursed.
Is There a Consistency Rule at the Funded Level?
After reaching the funded level, the consistency rule ceases to be applicable.
What Happens After I Achieve the Target Goal for a Payout Level?
After reaching the target goal at each payout level, your account is reset to its initial buying power as you begin to trade the next payout level.
What Happens After I Unlock the Pro Level?
Congrats on conquering Level 4! 🚀 Get ready for the “Big Time”! We’ll be in touch to schedule a funding call and explore the next steps. Your exceptional performance may unlock more funding opportunities. Well done! 🎉
What Happens if a Rule Is Broken in the Funded Account?
Failing to adhere to the rules in your funded account results in a reset to the evaluation’s start. You must re-qualify for a funded account.
What Happens if I Hit My Profit Objective on Day 1 of the Payout Level?
If you reach your payout target within one trading day (or longer), your account will be temporarily paused, reviewed, and approved for payout.
What platforms can I use to trade Futures? 
Q: What trading platforms are compatible with trading Futures? A: Users have the option to utilize Ninja Trader / and Rithmic R-Trader Pro as trading platforms for Futures.

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